The Unlimited membership option features:

  • A 1-year subscription to the entire online learning library, and it is customized with your logo and your vision statement for Equity & Inclusion. 
  • In addition to the one-time annual membership fee, you will be billed at $19.99 for each active user per month, instead of $99 per person per course fee. This option provides the greatest amount of flexibility for a culture of lifelong learners, as well as for developing more culturally competent leaders. This membership option accommodates your flunctuating needs, and provides more opportunities to regularly develop staff. It also offers just-in-time learning to refresh or redirect users toward desired behaviors in a great place to work.
  • An unlimited number of employees will become members of the Society for Diversity. Each member will have access to our complimentary Member Portal, which is your Professional Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Resource Center. Listen to previously recorded webinars or attend new sessions, join communities of practice, print out a membership card, post jobs, share news, find resources, get discounts on certification, and more!



Society for Diversity Membership - Unlimited

Price: $50,000.00
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